Railway Construction

Taoyuan Metropolitan Area Railway Underground Project

The origin of the project

Due to the rapid development of the Taoyuan metropolitan area, the number of passengers traveling by railway has grown rapidly, and the travel service facilities have been insufficient. For a long time, the Taoyuan City Government and local people have been actively striving to make the Taoyuan section railway elevated. Approved by Executive Yuan on February 27, 2009, the Elevated Construction of the Taoyuan Section of the Taiwan Railway were implemented. (Letter No. 0980008165)
Later, because the Taoyuan City Government considered that the width of the railway corridor in the Taoyuan section was insufficient, the elevated railway would have a great impact on the landscape and produce noise along the Taoyuan and Zhongli metropolitan areas. Moreover, the population is dense along the route, and the passenger volume of Taoyuan Station and Zhongli Station is second only to Taipei Station, making them the busiest transportation hub in Taiwan. At the same time, Taoyuan City is a national gateway and has been upgraded to a municipality. Considering the macro and sustainable development and responding to the needs of local people, the Executive Yuan approved to implement the underground construction of the Taoyuan Section of the Taiwan Railway on September 2, 2020 (Letter No. 1090024447).


Project outline

  • Project period: September 2020 to December 2030.
  • Project scope: The route starts from the north side of the Fengming Bridge(K53+255) in Yingge District and ends near Highway Line 66 (K71+200) in Pingzhen District. The total length is about 17.945 km, of which the Xinbei Fengming section is about 2.120 km long and the Taoyuan section is about 15.825 km long.
  • Construction content: 8 underground stations, which are 3 rebuild stations including Taoyuan, Neili and Zhongli, and 5 new commuter stations including Fengming Station, Zhonglu Station, Taoyuan Hospital Station, Zhongyuan Station and Pingzhen Station.
  • Program funding: NT$104.793 billion.
  • Project location: New Taipei City and Taoyuan City.
  • Project schematic diagram:


expected benefit

  • Dismantle 8 viaducts and 8 underpasses, eliminate 20 level crossings and integrate related railway systems to form the backbone of commuting in Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan City, which will help improve the urban landscape and land utilization, and form an one hour track life circle in Green Transport Corridor.
  • Improve operation efficiency and route capacity, and enhance the quality of public transport services in metropolitan areas.
  • Effective land utilization along the route and promote balanced urban development.
  • Increase railway revenue and improve operation safety.