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 Railway Construction

Taiwan Railway Pingzhen Temporary Station Construction Project

The origin of the project

In order for th e metropolitan area to enjoy MRT-oriented railway   transportation   servic es,   Taiwan   Railway Administration planned to add Pingzhen Station when it
promoted the "Ta iwan Railway Rapi d Transit Systematization" in 2004. Later, due to some reasons, it has not been completed, and it has been included in the Taoyuan Railway Undergroun d Project.
In order to open to public in Pingzhen area as soon as possible to meet th e needs of the public, the Executive Yuan held a review meeting for the report of Additional Taiwa n Railway Fengming Temporary Station Project on September 18, 2019. The conclusion is abbreviated as fol low: As mentioned by th e Taoyuan City Government, the Exec utive Yuan also approved the addition of Pingzhen Station in 2005. It is also the construction that the government has already promised to implement and is currently included in th e scope of th e railway underground project. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications is requested to immediately apply for the construction of the Pingzhen Temporary Station in line with fairness. Therefore, the Railway Bureau launched the plan to report for approval according to the instructions. Then, it was approved by the Executive Yuan with the l etter No. 1090024463 on August 3, 2020.


Project outline

  • Project period: August2020 to May 2026.
  • Project scope: The starting point of the route is about 68K+520, and the ending point is about 69K+360. The total length is about 840 meters.
  • Construction content: The type of station is planned as the calling station. There are two side platforms with 3m in width and 220m in length.
  • Program funding: NT$497.16 million.
  • Project location: Taoyuan City.
  • Project schematic diagram:



expected benefit

  • Before the undergrounding of the railway, a temporary station will be added first, which can be used by the public early, fulfilling the government's early promise, and can also assist in the diversion of transportation at Zhongli Station and the relief of surrounding traffic.
  • Achieve the goal of railway rapid transit systematization and solve the commuting needs of metropolitan areas.
  • Attract private vehicles to take Taiwan Railway, indirectly reducing carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution.
Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2023-09-20 10:00:00