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Organizational Outline of the Railway Bureau


 Organization Outline


There are 6 business divisions and one task force in the RB including Planning, Civil and Architectural Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Technology, Engineering Management, Operation Supervision, Assets Management and Development Divisions, and Railway Industry Promotion Task Force. The scope of work includes planning and project review of railway, MRT and other railway transportation systems, establishing technical specifications, railway industries, land development of station districts and promoting railway supervision operations. In addition, 6 administrative support units including Information Management, Legal Affairs, Secretariat, Personnel, Civil Service Ethics and Accounting and Statistics Offices are established. Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Region Engineering Offices are implementing engineering constructions and relevant operations regarding all railway transportation projects.


Functions of the Railway Bureau


Unit Responsibilities
Planning Division The project planning, operation and financial planning, technology development and exchange and international collaboration or export, private participation planning and environment protection in relation to railway systems.
Civil and Architectural Engineering Division The planning, design, construction and supervision of every railway system’s civil, structural, railway track, architectural, landscape and soil and water conservation engineering, and so on.
Electrical and Mechanical Technology Division The planning, design, construction and supervision of power supply, signaling, telecommunications, rolling stocks, depot equipment and facilities, water, electricity and environment control for various railway systems .
Engineering Management Division The planning of every railway system’s regulation on systematic integration, contract management, engineering management, quality control, occupational safety and health, as well as technological specifications.
Operation Supervision Division The supervision and management of each railway system’s operation, operation status, traffic, operation personnel, transportation of passenger/freight, route construction and maintenance, locomotive inspection and repair, safety management, accident investigation and disaster prevention and response.
Assets Management and Development Division The land planning, land acquisition, and the right of way management, land development, operation management, assets and disposition and related affairs for high speed rails, mass rapid transits and light rail transit system.
Railway Industry Promotion Task Force The planning, study, construction, and promotion of railway industrial development, such as localization of railway industry, Railway Technical Research and Certification Center, guidelines for procurement, national standards and technical specification
Region Engineering Office
  1. The planning, review, control, land acquisition, and property transfer of railway engineering projects.
  2. The construction, supervising, acceptance, and material testing of railway civil engineering, including bridges, tunnels, routes, tracks, architecture, and so on.
  3. The construction, supervision, acceptance, and material testing of railway core E&M system engineering, including power supply, telecommunications, signaling, rolling stocks, depot equipment/ facilities, and SCADA.
  4. The construction, supervision, acceptance, and material testing of railway E&M engineering, including water/electricity, environmental control, fire fighting, elevators/escalators.
  5. The procurement, contract management, and dispute settlement of railway engineering.
  6. The allocation, storage/transportation, and management of railway engineering construction equipment.
  7. The traffic maintenance coordination of railway trains and freeway buses during railway engineering construction.
  8. The inspection and supervision of occupational safety and health, disaster prevention, environmental protection and soil/water conservation of railway engineering.
  9. Other related work of railway engineering.
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Update time: 2021-04-30 16:52:00