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 Operation Supervision

Operation Supervision

Operation Supervision image

To provide passengers with safer, more reliable, more stable and comfortable railway transportation services, we will make great efforts on the following perspectives:


  • Safer:
    • In order to strengthen the independency and profession of accident investigation, it will establish an investigation committee, draft up a training mechanism for specialty investigators and establish a cooperation mechanism with external agency for technical support.
    • Strengthen the check mechanism for railway equipment, auditory mechanism for safety and operation agency self-management, training and service.
    • Push operation agencies to establish a safety management system following the research done by Institute of Transportation, MOTC. 
  • More Intelligent: By effectively using and integrating artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and big data, it will strengthen train control, management and operation efficiency. It will also provide government more accurate information for decision-making and allow operation agencies to take actions immediately and to meet customers' needs. 
  • Globalization: In order to connect domestic railway service and industry with global market, it will draft international-integrating railway criteria and standard to provide railway transportation service with international level.



Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2019-01-10 15:53:00