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 Public Art

Taiwan Railway Stations Public Art

  • Keelung Project: Glowing Flow
  • Cidu station: A Key Position of The Century
  • Cidu station: Joyride
  • Cidu station
  • Wanhua Station: Orientation 2000-1
  • Wanhua Station: The Dialogu of Time
  • Wanhua Station: Festival
  • Wanhua Station: Impression Wanhua
  • Wanhua Station: Heart to my heart
  • Wanhua Station: Golden years
  • Wanhua Station: Tomorrow
  • Wanhua Station: Track of light and shadow
  • Wanhua Station: Wuyangmen
  • Banqiao station: Millennium into the future
  • Banqiao station: Sense of Speed
  • Banqiao station: The butterfly dream, flower source
  • Banqiao station: Leisurely fishes
  • Banqiao station: Impression of Banqiao-On the way home、Have you eaten、Class of 2010
  • Banqiao station: The train’s leaving
  • Banqiao station: Maze
  • Banqiao station: Locus of Time
  • Banqiao station: Swimmers
  • Banqiao station: The Sap Runs in a Tree
  • Banqiao station: Desire in flight
  • Hualien Station - Whale Wonder (Day view)
  • Hualien Station - Whale Wonder (Night view)
Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2020-04-20 20:14:00