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 Railway Construction

Taiwan Railway Fengming Temporary Station Construction Project

The origin of the project

  • In order to solve the commuter transportation needs in the metropolitan area, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications instructed the Taiwan Railway Administration to promote the "Taiwan Railway Rapid Transit Systematization". Through the Taiwan Railway's policies such as adding commuter stations and opening commuter trains along the route, it will improve access to mass transit services in metropolitan areas and their surrounding towns. Afterwards, in response to the opening of the high-speed rail, in order to transform the operation mode of the Taiwan Railway and relieve the transfer needs of high-speed rail passengers, and considering that local governments also hope that all metropolitan areas and their surrounding towns can enjoy metropolitan rail transportation services with MRT functions. In July 2003, Taiwan Railway Administration put forward the Evaluation Plan for Taiwan Railways to have MRT functions and to add commuter stations in metropolitan areas. The Fengming Station (North Taoyuan Station) will be merged into the "bottleneck section improvement project" and "addition of simple commuter stations project".
  • After the Executive Yuan held the Feasibility Study and Discussion on Taiwan Railway Adding Fengming Temporary Station meeting on July 23, 2019. Under the conditions of not affecting the future Taoyuan Railway underground project, and not acquiring more land or demolishing more buildings, the project to build a new Fengming temporary station is approved to meet the needs of the public.


Project outline

  • Project period: October 2019 to December 2024.
  • Project scope: The starting point of the route is about 53K+700, the end point is about 54K+620, and the scheduled mileage of the platform center is about 54K+230.
  • Construction content: Unmanned station is adopted with two side platforms that is 3m in width and 220m in length. Moreover, the rain shelter facilities are added.
  • Program funding: NT$612.68 million.
  • Project location: New Taipei City.
  • Project schematic diagram: (The source of the screenshot is the approved version of this construction project)


expected benefit

  • Part of the privately owned vehicles in the Yingge and Fengming area were transferred to Taiwan Railways.
  • Travel time and cost savings.
  • Reduced air pollution and CO2 emissions.
Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2023-09-20 09:47:00