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 Railway Construction

Airport MRT Adding Airport Terminal 3 Station (A14) Project

The origin of the project

The Airport Terminal 3 Station (A14) is a station that has been approved for the construction of the Airport MRT Project. However, at that time, the construction schedule of Airport Terminal 3 Station is undecided. Only the main structure of the first phase of the station (platform, tunnel and the space above it) has been completed, and it is used as a transit tunnel at this stage. In order to cooperate with the revenue service of Taoyuan Airport Terminal 3 in 2025, the Railway Bureau will continue to handle the follow-up construction of the Airport Terminal 3 Station. Based on the detailed design results of the Terminal 3, the detailed design of this project including new entrances and exits and other structures (employee area, machine room area, ventilation ducts and escape routes, etc.), the detailed design review, construction supervision and procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment are all implemented.


Project outline

  • Cooperate with the construction schedule of Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 station, to execute station building decoration, water and electricity environment control, and core mechanical and electrical projects, as well as the procurement, installation and testing of baggage handling equipment and passenger service related equipment. Project funding: about NT$5.294 billion, of which NT$683 million was paid from the original airport rapid transit project, and NT$4.61 billion was included in the special budget for the central forward looking
    infrastructure construction project.
  • Project period: 2018 to 2026.


expected benefit

This project provides seamless and convenient MRT services for airport passengers. Connected with Terminal 1 Station (A12) and Terminal 2 Station (A13), it will provide high-quality transportation services for passengers entering and leaving Taoyuan   International   Airport,   and   enhance   the competitiveness and image of Taoyuan International Airport.

Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2023-09-20 09:57:00