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 Railway Construction

Double-track electrification of railways in Huadong area

The origin of the project

In response to th e increasing tran sportation deman d in the future, to strengthen the transportation capacity of Huadong Railway, and to ta ke en vironmental sustainability and tourism development into account, so as to maintain the unique lifestyle and tourism characteristics of the Huadong area, it is hoped that railway construction will be the main axis of public transportation in the Huadong area. Therefore, th e doubletrack electrificati on plan will be implemented.


Project outline

  • Feasibility study:Approved by the Executive Yuan on May 2, 2017 with the letter No. 1060086961.
  • Environmental impact assessment: The Environmental Protection Agency reviewed and approved in the 381st EIA meeting on August 12, 2020, and the final version of the environmental impact assessment was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency on October 26, 2020.
  • Comprehensive planning: Approved by the Executive Yuan on April 8, 2021 with the letter No. 1100003774. 
  • Project scope: Between Taiwan Railway Hualien Station and Zhiben Station, including Hualien County to Taitung County.
  • Total funding: NT$45.627 billion.
  • Project period: May 2021 to April 2028.
  • Revenue Service Date: The double-track line will be open to public 6.5 years after the Comprehensive plan is approved (expected October 31, 2017).
  • Project schematic diagram:


Expected benefit

  • Double-track railway operation builds reliable and punctual railway services in the eastern region. The average delay time of operation can be greatly reduced, and the number of train passing and waiting time can be reduced and shortened.
  • Improved reliability of railway operation, shortened travel time, and increased frequency can increase tourists' willingness to visit Huadong and drive the tourism industry economy in Huadong region.
  • Increase the transportation efficiency of Huadong to the outside area, and integrate the transportation capacity planning of the eastern main line, which is expected to solve the problem that it is difficult to get a ticket during the holidays, at Taipei to Huadong rush hours.
  • Cooperating with the electrification of the South Link Railway, it can shorten the travel time of Kaohsiung-Taitung-Hualien, provide another convenient railway corridor for the southern region to enter and exit the Huadong area, and promote the development of the Huadong area.
Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2023-09-20 10:10:00