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 Railway Industry

Railway Industry

3 Major Promotion Strategies

3 major strategies for railway industry development

  • Assembly of the "Promotion of Railway Industry Board"
  • Increase in Local Content of Maintenance Parts and Components
  • Establishment of the Railway Technical Research and Certification Institute

6 Major Action Plans

  • Selecting Localization Key Items
  • Developing Guidelines for Procurement of Railway Systems
  • Formulating National Standards
  • Integrating Technology Research and Testing & Certification Capacity
  • Promoting the Railway Technical Research and Certification Institute Project
  • Releasing Maintenance Opportunities on a Regular Basis

With the promotion of the 3 major strategies and 6 major actions, we hope to formulate common specifications and national standards to integrate and simplify domestically adopted systems. Moreover, we hope to be geared to international standards, scale up the production of parts and components, and gradually establish testing, certification, technical research and development capacities, to increase the willingness of domestic manufacturers to participate in railway construction and local content of parts and components. The ultimate goal is to export towards foreign markets.


Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2019-01-10 15:49:00