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 Station Development

Station Development


Fund Integration

Funds will be adjusted to establish a recyclable fund for railway construction and management to be the foundation of sustainable rail industry development and railway asset development and management.


TOD Development

By reviewing the railway project through the TOD concept, railway transportation and urban development will be integrated which will increase effectiveness and efficiency of railway system operation and fulfill the role of railway transportation as the backbone of our national spatial plan.


Business Interchange

An experience sharing platform for station planning, development and investment solicitation will be established. Through the platform, related parties from industrial, governmental and academic fields will be invited to participate in the annual seminars, workshops or business opportunity seminars which will improve business flows, experience inheritances and international interactions.

Railway Assets

The bureau will implement evaluations on the authorities of national public railway assets. In addition, a flexibility and expansion authorization mechanism will be established to facilitate resource integration, planning, development, redevelopment and reuse of railway assets.



Station Development


Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2019-02-14 16:26:00