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 Railway Construction

Taiwan Railway Station Aesthetics and Functional Improvement Project – South Link Station

The origin of the project

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications issued an instruction on August 7, 2019 to launch the "South Link Line Railway Station Efficiency Improvement Plan". It is planned to improve stations and surrounding facilities in 5 years. Considering the c urrent needs, fun ding and other fa ctors, this plan gives priority to the renovation of 9 stations on th e South Link Railway with sightseeing valu e, development potential, and traffic transfer, as well as the aesthetic and functional enhancement of 8 stations on the Western Main Line. In the future, after review the effectiveness of the plan and analyze the possibility of Taiwan Railway stations combined with local characteristics, the aesthetic and functional improvement of Taiwan Railway stations will be ex ecuted in the next stage. Therefore, the railway stations and local
development will share prosperity.


Project outline

  • Plan period: January 2021 to December 2025
  • Project scope:
  • A total of 9 stations will be improved at the South Link Line. There are 5 stations in Taitung County including Dawu, Jinlun, Taimali, Zhiben and Kangle, and 4 stations in Pingtung County including Nanzhou, Jiadong, Jialu and Neishi.
  • Construction Content:
  1. Station decoration
  2. Surrounding landscape arrangement
  3. Station landscape facility setting
  4. Art season and curation:through art season and curation activities, create a local circular industrial chain and activate local benefits around the station.
  • Program funding:NT$788.2 million
  • Project location:Taitung County, Pingtung County
  • Project schematic diagram:


Expected benefit

The purpose of th is project is to improve th e environment of the South Link Railway Station and surrounding areas, so as to promote local development. Due to the transportation hardware equipment in the eastern region far behind that in the western area, considering from the perspective of public construction, the government shou ld make peopl e recognize and be moved. In addition, the promotion of this plan aims to respond to the public needs, serve local residents along the South Link Railway, optimize the quality of railway services, and thereby promote the development of local settlements.

Publisher:Railway Bureau, MOTC
Update time: 2023-09-20 10:33:00